Web 2.0 Share Button Providers

I explored and investigated a number of share button providers with the objective to find a suitable capability for my website. AddtoAny, ShareThis & AddThis are three that I looked at closely. I experimented with AddtoAny and ShareThis.

ShareThis requires signup. Their servers can be slow at times. They track usage and has integration with Google Analytics, although I did not get into that aspect. It was very straight-foward to incorporate their code into my website.

AddtoAny does not require signup. I did have to spend some time customizing and setting things up. In the end, I found this to offer the best functionality (sharing through social networking sites, bookmarking, sending through their email system) with the presentation layout best suited for the look & feel of my site. Server performance appears to be adequate for the most part.

One pitfall of the AddtoAny solution is that the supplied code cannot be placed in an HTML <iframe>. Without this ability, the overall page refresh is subject to be held up if the AddtoAny servers do not respond in a timely manner. I had to work on particular layout and handling to give my page refresh the greatest chance of escaping any AddtoAny server response delays.

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