House of Cards - Season 3

The long-awaited season 3 of House of Cards was released by Netflix on February 27th, 2015. I started watching it on Netflix last night and completed the first 4 episodes of season 3. I was on the 5th episode when fatigue set in so I took a sleep break.

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Here is a short clip showing the (comfort) sex scene in episode 2.

In the first 4 episodes viewed so far, things are challenging for President Francis Underwood. It appears the climb to presidency was far more enjoyable than being president. It is interesting to see President Underwood meeting with the Russian president, in light of the recent shooting death of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov in real-life Russia.

Two days after starting my viewing of season 3, I have consumed all 13 episodes. The drama and the various twists and turns have been most intriguing and enjoyable. Is there a committed season 4? Will it be the last season of the series? I await the unfolding of the House of Cards future. Words are not sufficient to describe the drama and action which must be watched and experienced.

Here is one particular scene that made me break out in laughter. I was expecting a witty and/or eloquent message from the President to a fellow Democrat leadership contender. Instead, it was a short and effective message, and to the point!

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