Lascia Chi'o Pianga - Piano Performance YouTube Video

I discovered this piece of music when I heard it sung by Hayley Westenra of Celtic Woman. See Handel's Lascia Ch'io Pianga from the Rinaldo Opera which features various performances of Lascia Chio Pianga. I was so enthralled by this piece of music that I wanted to get a piano arrangement and learn to play it.

My search on the Internet did not yield an arrangement but I did find YouTube videos that featured piano performances of Lascia Ch'io Pianga. Those are excellent performances that inspired me to try my hands[1] at playing the piece. I contacted the people that performed those YouTube performances and one person responded and sent me a scanned copy of his music! What a wonderful thing to do. He can be found on YouTube where he has many keyboard performances.

My performance is from my own arrangement of the piece based on the scanned sheet music that was sent to me. I incorporated aspects of the Celtic Woman performance in my piano arrangement.

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[1] The expression is actually "try my hand" but I play the piano with two hands!

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