Information and Analytics

Information is being collected on our computers, within corporations and on the Internet at a pace beyond our wildest imagination. There is need for better ways to find information on the Internet, on social media websites and within corporations - and to make sense of it all. This is where information analytics technology will have to be developed and made available on mass. At the corporate level, there is business intelligence software such as that offered by IBM through its Cognos products.

Various websites from small communities of interest to large scale operations such as Google and Facebook provide a platform for information search and sharing. However, finding information within large sites remains a challenge as information proliferation continues. Data mining technology is a fascinating area with about 14,500,000 results brought to you by Google.

Applications of data mining include:

  • Recommended movie selections by video rental outlets. Being able to "read the mind" of the customer by data mining the history of previously rented movies leads to business success as well as customer satisfaction.
  • Recommended products based on previously purchased products.
  • Library recommendations based on previously signed-out material.

Information and Analytics

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