In an attempt to figure out how to generate revenue from web ventures, I searched the terms "make money adsense" and "affiliate marketing" which led to countless search engine results through which I was able to glean insight on various approaches ranging from the ridiculous to "this might have a chance". Anything that claims "instant success" is just too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not true. A cross sampling is illustrated in the following links:

The latter two links appeared to offer light into the mysteries of the web[1]. I signed up with the sites and I have been following their commentary and offerings. In addition to offering some useful information on how to succeed on the web, they are engaged in affiliate programs and web marketing.

Other sites that I have followed in the past include:

The John Chow site is very intriguing and clever in the sense that it makes money by telling people "I Make Money Online By Telling People How I Make Money Online". The Timothy Skyes site is full of good stuff for those who are into stock market trading. The Perez Hilton site is simply zany; I do not actually draw much usefulness from it.

The above sites and others have greatly motivated me to attempt my hand at succeeding in web opportunities.

See the Blog Revenue article to learn how much money blogs make.

[1] I want to say "mysteries of the universe" which is somewhat appropriate in the sense that the web is part of the universe and in some ways the web may be considered our practical universe. This leads me to my one of my favorite quips "Define the universe and give two examples.". Perhaps I have found an answer to my perplexing question. The two examples are:
  1. The stuff out there beyond our planet earth.
  2. The web.

Oh but I digress. I did not pick my domain name and motif "This, That & Whatever" for no reason!

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