Video Conversion Formula

I follow affiliate programs and Internet marketing material from promoters offering products, services and training on how to succeed in online business ventures. I do this for a variety of reasons including learning Internet marketing & SEO, and exploring affiliate programs as a way to monetize my website.

I have been following a series of videos under the title of "Video Conversion Formula" on the use of videos to drive successful online businesses. The use of video is a growing opportunity on the Internet as I covered in my blog entry on YouTube videos. What I am learning is that properly prepared videos are a great tool for promoting an online business and driving sales.

There is motivation and inspiration provided through the videos which are a promotional and marketing backdrop for selling training courses on the creation and use of videos to promote a business. This is an opportunity for the business owner to create and feature oneself in the video and to make a personal message to prospective customers.

Here are considerations to keep in mind:

  • Videos need to be properly created with the material and message properly presented. A poor video can be a jeopardy rather than a benefit. I have encountered unappealing videos which I quickly close down.
  • It takes a lot of work with the camera, editing, etc. to come up with videos that look professional.
  • Do you feel confident enough to be featured in the video?
  • Might hiring actors be a better approach?
  • Multiple takes can be done to make the video perfect.

Video Conversion Formula Video 1.

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