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In my blog entry The World of Computer Vision, I talked about picture matching technology that will be used in a smartphone app. In my blog entry Smartphone App, I talked about my journey into the world of smartphone apps development. This page talks about my continuing efforts to translate the technology and smartphone app into a revenue-generating business proposition.

I have been accepted into the Barnes&Noble affiliate program on the basis of my Buy Books smartphone app. This is an exciting and important milestone. How far up this mountain am I? I need to mass-load book covers from Barnes&Noble into my server and I have requested their assistance, as well as review and feedback. Beyond the technological challenges, the hardest part is yet to come - marketing and promotion.

I have also contacted other book retailers through different affiliate networks and if accepted, I will work with them to provide my Buy Books smartphone app for other book retailers.

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This smartphone app allows you to purchase books online from Barnes&Noble based on scanning the cover of a book, or alternatively its barcode. This app operates on the basis of a Barnes&Noble affiliate program arrangement. You purchase books directly from Barnes&Noble.

This Buy Books app is a nice addition to your favorite smartphone apps because it allows you to purchase your books from a major leading book retailer by simply scanning the cover or barcode of a book which you might find at a friend's house or at a shopping venue. Take advantage of lower online prices.

In my previous blog entry Buy Books at Barnes&Noble Smartphone App, I posted an update on my "mobile tracking" issues with Barnes&Noble. I received good news from the Barnes&Noble affiliate network that "mobile tracking" is now confirmed and verified such that I get credit for driving sales to Barnes&Noble via my smartphone app.

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Try the Buy Books smartphone app.

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