Quest for Backlinks

I have written a few pages on "SEO" and "building backlinks" as can be discovered by using the Google Custom Search at the top-right. My most recent page prior to this one is SEO and Building Backlinks.

I am actively engaged in the backlink building exercise for two Web properties - this site and my Buy Books Smartphone App site. My source of backlinks comes from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and more recently Google+ as well as posting comments on blog and information sites.

The task to build backlinks is a time-consuming process and when I came across automation services for obtaining backlinks, the notion appealed to me. One such service is Social Monkee. The free component of this service allows a unique URL to be submitted to 25 sites each day. The sites providing the backlinks are no higher than Google PageRank 0. Backlinks with anchor text are supported, which is an important aspect for achieving SERP ranking for the chosen keywords.

I signed up for the free component of Social Monkee and have begun to use it to supplement my manual backlink building exercise. The important thing to monitor is to see if Google recognizes the backlinks provided by the Social Monkee network of sites hosted on 100 unique Class-C IP addresses. The appearance of sites on unique IP addresses is believed to be an important SEO consideration.

I use Google Webmaster Tools to monitor inbound links in addition to other metrics pertinent to my placement in Google search results. I will look for the backlinks from the Social Monkee sites. With interest, I watch the performance of my backlinks as I climb the rankings in SERP.

Update on Social Monkee (19-Feb-2012)

Not a single backlink has registered in my Google Webmaster Tools backlinks data. For each of my submissions, Social Monkee shows a report which indicates the pages from the Social Monkee network which link back to my site. These pages have no PR and are sloppy at best. I continue to get emails from Social Monkee promoting their products and services but I am able to opt-out or unsubscribe.

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