How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

Some points of interest on McAfee Antivius software:

  • The company McAfee Associates was founded by John McAfee in 1987.
  • John McAfee resigned from the company in 1994.
  • Fast foward past mergers and acquisitions.
  • McAfee Inc became a wholly owned Intel subsidiary in February 2011.
  • Intel rebranded McAfee Antivius to Intel Security in January 2014.

Some points of interest on John McAfee:

  • John McAfee was born in Scotland and raised in the U.S.
  • John's first job was with NASA.
  • John worked for various companies including Xerox and Lockheed.
  • John began developing antivirus software while at Lockheed.
  • John released McAfee Antivirus in 1987.
  • John founded McAfee Associates in 1987 and resigned in 1994.
  • In 2012, John started a new venture in the field of bacterial quorum sensing with his company QuorumEx headquartered in Belize.
  • John was raided by Belize's Gang Supression Unit for unlicensed drug manufacturing and illegal possession of a gun.
  • John was a person of interest in a 2012 murder investigation which led him to flee Belize to Guatemala.
  • John was eventually deported from Guatemala and returned to the U.S.
  • John teaches yoga and has written serveral books on yoga.
  • John does not use McAfee Antiviurs. "I take it off. It's too annoying."
  • John makes videos for his YouTube channel.


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