3D Shapes and Materials

Having completed a phase of designing Abigail, I decided to cap my efforts on that model and explore other types of 3D objects. Experimenting with shapes and materials, I found wood to be a very easy material to work with when applied to various shapes. Click each thumbnail image to see a larger view.

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This is a straight-forward platter done in wood. It is easy enough to contrive using 3D design software. However, can this actually be physically made?

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These objects further illustrate the nice wood results along with a clay bowl. In the world of atoms, these objects can require a considerable amount of time to make, which is good for a hobby. In the world of bits, these renderings take far less time to create, after the initial learning process to deal with the software to design shapes, texture with materials and apply proper lighting.

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Silver is a much harder material to render effectively. Here is my attempt to create a realistic silver platter using a couple of different approaches. To my eyes, the silver effect is not very realistic. Work continues to understand materials and lighting in the digital world of 3D design.

Here is a video showing a sampling of 3D graphical assets which I created with my early basic learning of 3D technologies.

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