ACU Prologue

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I completed Sequence 2 - Memory 2: Rebirth. I was away from the game for a few days and decided to return to my ACU journey. Uplay is the front-end interface for ACU and it accesses the Ubisoft cloud for services such as synchronization and purchasing addon game capabilities. There was a synchronization failure with the Uplay servers - I decided to proceed to see what happens - it reset my journey to the very beginning.

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The start of the Prologue.

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Here is a video showing my completion of the first part of the Prologue - "Follow De Molay to find the Templar Artifacts".

I read there are a lot of software bugs in ACU and this is an example. Good thing I only paid $0 for this crap software. Hopefully it will not take as long as the first time to return to Sequence 3 - Memory 1: Graduation which was to be the next step before I encountered the synchronization glitch.

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