ACU Sequence 2 - Memory 1: Imprisoned

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I completed Sequence 1 - Memory 3: High Society - Infiltrate the Palace, in which I was wrongly accused of the murder of François De La Serre and ended up in prison. In this Sequence 2 - Memory 1: Imprisoned - Knock Out the Thief, I meet Pierre Bellec, an Assassin who fought alongside my father and witnessed his death. After two months in prison, the storyline gets mythical (not unlike some movies). To escape from prison, I, along with Bellec, jumped off the top of the prison building effectively killing myself, only to return in Sequence 2 - Memory 2 : Rebirth.

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This video shows basic prison life with nothing to do. Did they really play lovely classical music in prison? I suppose the common music played in prison back then is analogous to today's elevator music.

In this video, I meet and fight Bellec only to join forces with him in the prison escape. The action during the escape was intense and I found myself climbing & running frantically, not necessarily to the correct places. Final escape action was to jump from the top of the building.

In this video, I catch up with Elise to learn that she is destined to be a Templar in the footsteps of her father François De La Serre. I'm not sure about the time placement of this scene. I've just jumped off a tall building, presumably killing myself. I have not yet reached Sequence 2 Memory 2: Rebirth. Am I in some in-between life dream? Perhaps I'm thinking too seriously and literally about this death-rebirth fiction

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