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21-Mar-2015 update: A netizen by the name of Christoph sent me feedback that the piece of music is the Allemande from J.S. Bach's French Suite no. 2.

While looking for music for my Hot Air Balloon video, I came across Allemande by Wahneta Meixsell which I ended up using in my video. I have tried to find Wahneta Meixsell and made contact attempts on LinkedIn and Facebook, however, I have not received a response.

I listened to the Allemande in the Hot Air Balloon video and began an effort to transcribe into music notation. On my initial listening of the piece in January/2014, I found myself unable to hum back the melody due to its complex nature. As I listened more, familiarity set in and I was able to hum the melody with questionable accuracy relative to the original.

As I listened more and more, I was becoming increasingly familiar with the piece of music. I found myself being able to play the first couple of measures by ear. I surprised myself when I correctly started the piece on G (on my piano) - I am not pitch perfect by any means but my brain works in mysterious and surprising ways at times. I spent some hours yesterday notating the first 17 measures of the music (8 of which are shown in the snippet below). This was a true test of my music listening ability. I can only notate the right hand - my music listening recognition of notes is not good enough to transcribe the left-hand accompaniment. I will have to fill in the accompaniment by construction based on music theory and listening for harmonic bliss. I really would prefer to have the original music score from the author, presumably Wahneta Meixsell.

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As far as I can tell, my music transcription is true to the original in terms of the melody. I surmise it is in the key of C-minor. I think it is in common 4/4 time. There are elaborate timings and rubato in the performance of the Allemande that makes me wonder if I have the correct timing and arrangement within the measures.

My letter to Wahneta Meixsell is repeated here for reference. If Wahneta Meixsell or anyone who knows Wahneta Meixsell is reading this, please get in touch.

Message to Wahneta Meixsell regarding the Allemande used in the video.

Dear Wahneta Meixsell,

I was looking for music for my hot air balloon video and came across Allemande by Wahneta Meixsell. I accredited you in the YouTube video listing. The piece immediately gripped me and it continues to pull me in as I repeat my listening. Now I want the sheet music to learn to play that piece. I wish to thank you for that wonderful piece of music.


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