Earth and Moon

Earth, our first frontier. When I saw this picture from NASA, I was motivated to create a 3D rendering of our Earth and Moon.

View larger image

View larger image

In the following video you will see that the Earth's rotational axis is not tilted as in the real case. The Moon is not shown with rotation about its axis while in reality it does rotate, despite the same side of the Moon facing Earth at all times. The Moon's orbit is not in the right direction. The Earth's rotational and the Moon's orbital cycles are not aligned. I also have a perfectly circular lunar orbit which is not the case in physical reality.

My focus is on visual presentation rather than physical accuracy. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.

Image data for the Earth is from an image produced by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Solar System Simulator. Image data for the Moon is from an image produced by the NASA Johnson Space Center. Both images have a posting date of February 19th, 2009.

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