ACU Sequence 4 - Memory 1 - Find Iscariotte

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I completed my lead up to Sequence 4 - Memory 1. In this segment with the main activity to investigate La Cour des Miracles, I continue to try to complete The Kingdom of Beggars, however, I am side-track by a major side-mission to find the giant Iscariotte. I have additional capabilities with the Phantom Blade which I received in the previous lead up sequence. I can shoot phantom blades as well as berserk poison blades which cause my enemies to fight and kill each other.

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Here is the video on my continuing killing and looting as I progress towards completing Sequence 4 - Memory 1: The Kingdom of Beggars - but first I must complete the side-mission to find the giant Iscariotte.

Watching back the video reveals many things that I can do much better at.

  • Learn to die fewer number of times. The game is forgiving with desynchronizations not impeding the player, however, since there is apparently nothing at stake, it's too easy to just let happen.
  • Learn to buy supplies at shops. I run out of phantom and berserk blades plus gun ammunition pretty quickly.
  • The kill-and-run tactic is effective to remain alive and to gain "money" after successful evasion. Pick fights that I can win. Going up against a group is risky and suicidal. Use the Phantom Blade and gun from a distance.
  • Use Eagle Vision more often. Among other useful aspects, I can spot lifts which I can use to escape from kill-and-run actions.
  • Learn to hide in hay wagons. I can jump in but I'm pressing something to make me jump out right away. That's no way to hide!
  • Use the rooftops more often because it is a safe way to traverse the city. However, this takes away the looting and other actions on the ground which gain Francs, Sync Points, Creed Points and Helix Credits.

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