ACU Sequence 4 - Memory 1 - Upgrades

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I continued my journey through The Kingdom of Beggars to accept the many missions and stories. After completing all the Companion missions in Sequence 4 - Memory 1, I earned enough financial resources (Francs and Creed Points) to buy significant upgrades for my protective clothing. Additionally, I gained the Long Sword as reward for completing one of the missions. I had switched to Arno's dueling pistol but found it to perform even worse than the American Flintlock pistol which I switched back to.

The selection of hood, coat, belt, leg-wear and forearm cover provides increased health and stealth. The belt provides additional protection as well as increased capacity for gun ammunition. Along with the more powerful two-handed operation of the Long Sword, I am now deadlier than before. The protective upgrade significantly reduces the number of (death) desynchronization events. The improved defense coupled with the powerful Long Sword offence make for a formidable assassin.

Not only does it look good but the upgrades provide a functional improvement. Here is a video showing the upgrades and the new-look assassin in action.

March 10, 2015 update: Disappointed with the inability of my American Flintlock pistol to kill my targets (I see my target being stunned but not killed - perhaps a range implication), I spent my hard-earned money to upgrade from the American Flintlock to Arno's Pistol which has a higher damage and speed capability. Furthermore, I spent considerable money to upgrade from the Long Sword to the Royal Cutlass.

March 12, 2015 update: After upgrading my pistol and sword, I found I was still being killed quite frequently when confronting missions with a difficulty rating above 3 (on a 5-point scale). With my amassed finances from killing (helping the people of France) and looting (helping myself) criminals and guards who pick fights with me, I did a complete makeover of my hood, coat, belt, leg-wear and forearm cover. Furthermore, tired of fighting in the dark where it is extremely difficult to see all the dangerous happenings, I switched the game's time of day from night to morning. The difference is literally and figuratively "night and day".

The equipment updates give me more medicine (5 to 9), more phantom blades (5 to 11), more berserk blades (2 to 8), more ammunition (8 to 9 rounds), increased Eagle Vision range (35% to 55%), increased stealth and better health.

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