Current Status in Assassin's Creed Unity

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I continued my journey through The Kingdom of Beggars to accept the many missions and stories. I have recently learned a few things which have helped my ACU game play.

The default ACU time of day for the game is night which results in a very lowly lit environment which is extremely difficult to see the fast-moving action. What I don't see quickly enough can get me desynchronized. The 'Time of day' option is under Options - Game Options. The option is locked until you quit out of the mission, including the main mission in each memory. Although only a single side mission (e.g. Companion missions and Paris Stories missions) can be active, it can co-exist with the main memory mission. Therefore, you have to quit out of any side mission along with the main mission in order to change the 'Time of day' option. I changed it from 'Night' to 'Morning' ('Afternoon' can be too glaringly bright).

Quitting out of the main memory mission has another advantage. When I fail in a side mission (i.e. I get desynchronized), I am reset to the main mission's starting location which can be far away from the side mission location. This then results in a lot of long-distance running which takes time.

I discovered the 'Fast Travel' feature in ACU. Social Clubs (including Cafe Theatre) and Viewpoints can be reached by 'Fast Travel' which essentially means no running required - the game just moves you to that location.

Viewpoints can be synchronized to clear up the fog and clouds from the map and mini-map. This makes previously hidden structures to be visible. Furthermore, buildings and streets are clearly visible in the mini-map to help with navigation.

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Here is a video to illustrate one of the many viewpoints which I had to climb and synchronize. Then I have to climb down from the viewpoint, or alternatively Fast Travel to another location. A few viewpoints were defended by either guards or criminals, so they required additional non-peaceful effort.

Having renovated all 7 Social Clubs in Paris and having renovated Cafe Theatre along with completing all Cafe Theatre missions, I now receive income from Social Clubs in the amount of 10,798 Francs every 20 minutes which is deposited into my chest (with a capacity to store 43,192 Francs) in the Intendant's Study room in Cafe Theatre.

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With the money earned from looting, completing missions and Social Clubs income, I have made a series of incremental upgrades arriving at the current state which consists of:

  • Cinquedeas Sword with maximum damage and parry.
  • Gold-Plated Pistol with maximum damage, speed and range.
  • Legendary Medieval Hood with the greatest Eagle Vision performance.
  • Legendary Phantom Coat with good stealth and health.
  • Legendary Military Bracers and Master Bourgeois Belt to carry 13 medicines, 12 phantom blades, 9 berserk blades, 11 ammunition, 13 smoke bombs and 13 cherry bombs.

The increased supplies allow for fewer trips to the shop, especially handy when performing challenging missions.

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