Assassin's Creed Unity - Sequence 12

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I completed server bridge: Paris 1944. I have decided to skip making videos in between so that I can expedite my journey through to sequence 12.

The key elements in sequence 12 are the downfall of Robespierre and the assassination of Germain, the mastermind behind the killing of François De La Serre. At long last, revenge has been achieved but at what cost!

Note: The Memory 1 video was previously missing due to neglect/oversight. It has now been recorded at Legend status. I discovered the Memory 2 video is at 360p resolution rather than the intended 1080p (likely a YouTube glitch). Therefore, Memory 2 has been replayed and newly recorded. After reviewing the Memory 3 video, I see there are missing details on how I arrived at the Temple to fight Germain. Therefore, I replayed Memory 3 to record a new video - the previous video is retained for reference.

Memory 1: The Supreme Being The mission is to investigate Robespierre's tent, then speak with and defend Elise to plant the letters.

Memory 2: The Fall of Robespierre The mission is to find and tail Robespierre, then break into his fortress to find information on Germain.

Memory 3: The Temple The mission is to clear out the Extremists and find my target, then kill Germain in the boss fight.

The epic fight with Germain is both mystical and challenging. It took many tries than the 3 shown in the video to figure out the right tactics and timing to achieve my final assassination. This is the old video when I played at Elite Champion status.

Here is the replay of memory 3. With my equipment and experience, I found it easier this time around. Even with a large number of attackers, I am able to take them out. The smoke bomb is a primary asset in my fights including the fight with Germain. Equipped with the best sword and pistol along with my Assassin's Cache to replenish my supplies such as smoke bombs and bullets, I have full confidence in my fights.

The new videos on this page (Legend Status) have been video enhanced.

See the chronologically later page where I pick up recording of the main missions in sequences 8 through 11.

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