Assassin's Creed Unity - Money

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I completed sequence 12 to achieve the all important assassination of Germain to avenge the killing of François De La Serre - but at a great cost. With all Companion, Social Club and Paris Stories missions completed, there are only a few Co-op missions to complete in ACU. I can replay the Companion and Co-op missions. There is also Dead Kings, free downloadable content for ACU, which I can play.

The video shows my current state of money, weapons, equipment and skills.

I have over 2 million Francs which continues to increase from my Social Clubs income. I already have the best weapons, equipment and skills that I need for my playing style. Money to buy upgrades is not the motivation from this point on. Half the time I don't even loot anymore (although it can yield medicine which is good to get without having to go to the shop). I could stop after completing Dead Kings or I could continue to:

  • Complete all Co-op and heist missions.
  • Complete all Helix Rifts.
  • Acquire the content of all the chests in Paris.
  • Solve all murder mysteries.
  • Solve all Nostradamus Enigmas.
  • Collect all Artifacts, Cockades and Sync Points.
  • Achieve top rank of 31 - Legend. I am currently at rank 24 - Elite Champion.
  • Essentially, come as close as possible to 100% everything.

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