Assassin's Creed Unity - Dead Kings

Previously on Assassin's Creed Unity, I wrote about my current state of money, weapons, equipment and skills in #AssassinsCreedUnity. I then proceeded to try out Dead Kings which is a free DLC (downloadable content) for ACU. I enjoyed Dead Kings in many ways.

  • Dead Kings is set in Franciade (renamed from Saint Denis in 1793) which is a good change of scenery from Paris. It is much smaller than Paris and I found myself able to recognize the buildings and streets after playing the 6 Memories in Sequence 13.
  • I am not a fan of playing video games that are set in dim lighting. I was so happy to switch from 'night' to 'morning' time of day in ACU. A lot of the action in Dead Kings is set in the catacombs beneath Franciade where lighting is extremely dim to non-existent. The use of the lantern is vitally important to see my way around. Eagle Vision helps a little. Despite that, I enjoyed the challenge of discovery in darkness.
  • Armed with the best sword, gun and skills and with my improvement in navigation, attach and defense, I can confidently take down a large number of opponents. I faced many large groups of opponents in Dead Kings.

I get disoriented with navigation so I rely on setting markers on the map to guide me. In tight fighting environments, such as in the catacombs, I get disoriented quite easily. Even with most opponents assassinated, I have a hard time finding my way through the dark tunnels.

Here is a video for my ending action in Sequence 13 - Memory 6.

Here is a video for my action in Stories of Franciade - A Royal HIde. Finding my way in and out of the catacombs is a dark and fearful experience.

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