Autumn Colors

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There have been very warm days in early November to enjoy shooting pictures and videos with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 mirrorless camera. The temperature was 18C and felt like 22C. With more and more leaves on the ground, and less on the trees, it is great weather to capture the color changing and fallen leaves.

Two days ago, when it was equally nice and warm, I shot material to produce the following video.

For years, I took pictures with my Canon AE-1 film camera using automatic aperture and shutter speed. The ISO setting was dictated by the typical ASA 100 film which I used (cheaper than higher speed films). That camera did not have auto focus. It was an expensive proposition to experiment with my own aperture and shutter speed settings - instead, I relied on the camera's auto settings. Given that it was an SLR film camera, the viewfinder showed what the lens sees, not what the film captures. The first time seeing the color picture was a week later after photo processing. At $5 per roll of film for 24 pictures and $25 photo processing, it was not conducive to messing around with manual settings. And those were dollars which were much harder to earn and had more buying power than today.

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Today, I decided to try out my shots with manual DMC-G7 settings for aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focus. It's zero monetary cost for experimentation on today's digital cameras. It is more effort but manual settings provide the ultimate control over the desired exposure outcome.

The following was done in October for an earlier autumn look.

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