4K Ultra HD Monitor

In the description of my 2013 Desktop Computer, I mentioned my Samsung monitor. Below are are pictures of my newly purchased 28" Asus PB287Q monitor along with the 22" Samsung SyncMaster 2232gw monitor.

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The Samsung SyncMaster 2232gw monitor has served me well over the years but I have been experiencing eye fatigue with that monitor which motivated me to look for a replacement monitor. Since purchasing my digital camera capable of recording 4K Ultra HD video, I have wanted the ability to see my 4K videos on a 4K monitor or TV.

Without getting into the technical details on different technology options such as LCD panel types TN and IPS, I began my price search for a 28" 4K Ultra HD monitor. The Asus PB287Q was on sale for $550 CAD so I jumped on this high quality monitor which has favorable reviews.

The larger size and higher resolution of the Asus monitor allows for more screen real-estate at a significantly higher resolution - 3840x2160 is 4 times the area of 1920x1080. The higher 4K resolution allows for crisp text which is less fatiguing on my eyes. Having dual-monitor display is useful for things like viewing a real-time stock chart on the Samsung monitor while viewing other applications on the main Asus monitor.

For amusement, here is my 4K Ultra HD TV.

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