Rant of the Day

President Obama is the founder of ISIL and Hillary Clinton is its co-founder - this must be true if Donald Trump stated it. Or is that a lie just like lies coming from Hillary Clinton? Visit my political rant page to see lies coming out of Hillary's mouth. Great system of representative democracy where liars are presented to the people to choose as the next POTUS.

Who actually believes that Obama is the founder of ISIL? Trump is using an extreme sarcastic statement to make a point that proper U.S. policy and action (i.e. not Obama and Clinton) could have thwarted ISIL. And to gain attention with an extremely provocative accusation. The slimy liberal press is jumping all over it by insisting how wrong it is for Trump to do that.

Obama definitely lied (absence of truth) about the deal with Iran.

Makes me want for another system - a better system.

Direct Democracy on Mars may sound like a great idea until you stop to think that people will be the liars telling their own version of reality. Oh wait, we don't need Mars to highlight people as liars. Earth is flat. There is no god - there are many gods. The moon missions didn't happen - just fabricated videos. Let's face it - if I can do Dancer in the Yard with a $0 budget, just imagine what the government can do with the people's money. How can humans get to Mars, let alone inhabit the planet and create a system of direct democracy for societal governance?

We don't exist - atoms don't exist - we are all just digital bits in the matrix or some video game ...

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