Tarot Lovers App

In my Tarot App blog entry, I wrote about how I got into developing an app for Tarot cards. Since that time, I have reached out to a number of Tarot deck providers seeking a business arrangement. Discussions are underway with various Tarot deck owners where one such discussion has resulted in a completed app.

This app, featuring the Tarot Lovers deck, allows you to indulge the world of Tarot cards from your smartphone and tablet devices.

Tarot Lovers App

Through excellent collaboration with Karyn Easton at Paranormality.com, the Tarot Lovers App has been developed and launched in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Android app on Google Play               iOS app on the App Store

The Tarot Lovers 78-card deck is a very vibrant, unique and versatile Tarot deck. It is based around the imagery of the popular Rider-Waite and Tarot de Marseilles decks. For this reason it is ideal not only for people wishing to gain insights into their lives; it is also great for people who wish to learn Tarot and for more experienced Tarot readers as well. The images were specially designed to be very traditional but with a modern contemporary twist and they were also designed to work well in a smartphone or tablet environment. The idea behind the Tarot Lovers App is that it is meant to be like having your own Tarot Lovers deck in your pocket only it is actually on your smartphone.

For more information on the app, please visit the Tarot Lovers App website. For more information on the Tarot Lovers cards, please visit the Tarot Lovers website. Please visit the Paranormality page for a wonderful write-up on New Tarot Lovers App completes the Trilogy.

The software elements of the Tarot Lovers App are copyrighted by igtsoft.com while the Tarot Lovers card images and description text are copyrighted by Paranormality.com.

How do your readings reflect your life experiences? Write about your experiences in using the app. We welcome your letters. Visit the Letters for the Tarot Lovers App page.

Tarot App Software

The software powering the app can serve as a delivery mechanism for other Tarot decks where a suitable cover image would be used for each Tarot deck along with app styling that is totally customizable to complement the target Tarot cards. The app is branded to the target Tarot cards and its creators.

Tarot App

Please visit the Tarot App website if you are interested in using your Tarot deck to create an app for sale in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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